Hoping someone out there might be able to help me with this error. I'm trying to install GW8 on an OES2PS1 server running on SLES10SP2. I've setup my software distribution directory on an nss volume on the server. All that seems happy and good. When i go to login to console one from the server to create the GW system i get the following error everytime. (it's the C1 that came with the GW8 download..1.3.6h)

"(error -748) A Conn Timeout error occurred"

Not sure where to even look at this point. Very new to the linux world. netware guy trying to learn as i go. I've built one of these before on GW7, this is my first try on GW8 on linux, and don't know where to look for this. I've already tried uninstalling / reinstalling C1, didn't make a difference. Rebooting the server etc..all the obv things..