We are looking to bring our current email system (Netmail) out of the dark ages and into something more current, and based on my experience at a previous job working with GW7 I'm trying to talk my boss into GW8. Whatever we migrate to will require archiving capabilities, and as I understand it GW8 only does that through third party options.

That said, I've taken a very quick look at GWAVA Retain, Messaging Architect's M+Archive and SilverDane's Archive for GroupWise. At a glance, they all seem to be decent products and look roughly comparable on some levels.

My quesiton is, does anyone here have experience (good or bad) with any of the above that they can share? Or possibly some other archival system they can recommend? All of the data sheets on these three are of course going to make themselves sound good so if I'm very interested in what real world experiences people might have to share.

Thanks in advance for any advice people can offer!