After two days of searching, I'm surprised to still be no better off than before I started.

All of our file servers are currently running Netware 6.5 SP8, and all file systems are NSS, except one server that runs OES SP1 (Linux) with NSS filesystem. This one odd-ball OES Linux box is out of space, and I am not interested in shoehorning more old SCSI disks into it to keep a handful of users happy.

I'm planning on retiring that linux box, and instead hopefully adding a modern SAS connected (or SCSI U320) external array with SATA/SAS disks. Throughput isn't critical since only a dozen users will use this as a media repository. The only thing is....I haven't found a vendor yet that indicates support for NW 6.5 SP8. The closest thing I've seen yet is a Promise Vtrak M210p, which uses SCSI U320 , but it's official support only extends to 6.5 SP6 on an old firmware rev for the M210p . On to bigger OEM server manufacturers, I'm still not seeing Netware support on their external RAID storage solutions.

Can anybody recommend a good [and well supported] storage system that has >= 4GB capacity, and will work with NW6.5 SP8 ? We've had horrific experiences (multiple complete failures with NSS volumes) with iSCSI initiators in Netware back in 6.5 SP6, and aren't looking strongly at iSCSI solutions unless anybody has experiences that have been favorable.