I have a user that got a new laptop. Installed ifolder. set it off to start
syncing the 13 gig of user files. when I checked it several hours later I
had a message indicating 245 files not synced. Since these were already on
the server I could not understand why. The WS is XPSp3. Client version Of course there was nothing in the sync log since it only holds
so much information. I ended up pulling up the server volume where the users
folder is and compared it to the worksatation. several subdirectories with
pictures for some reason just did not sync down. Ye the whole directory has
a couple of gigs of pictures so there would be no reason for these to be
selected out. There are no file restricions on this user either. I copied
the missing files to the laptop. I am not sure how the sync mechanisim would
react to that. But the message I keep getting is that 245 files are not
synced and no reason given in the log. Any ideas other than the Windows
client is a POS! LOL!