Good day.

Wi-Fi clients were connecting to Netware network through Cisco Vpn Client.
First, Wi-Fi clients established vpn-connection, then it login to
Netware network.
After completing login script Novell Client sent tcp-packets with RST
and ACK flags to Netware servers (netstat and wireshark helped to find
this problem).
In result client closed tcp connections to Netware servers, but in
Netware Connections dialogue there were still persist connections to nw

When Wi-Fi users tried to run network applications trough shortcut,
messages about changes of item of shortcut have been appeared. After
that Novell Client was reestablishing tcp-connections to NW servers and
Wi-Fi users could run network applications trough shortcut.

As workaround to avoid resetting connections to nw-servers, after
completing login script need to run simple command that give access to
network drive like “dir f: > nul”, assuming drive f: is network one.

Are there any other ideas to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.