We've been having some namcd issues in our environment and one of the things I'm reading is that the CN and uid (uniqueID) attributes need to be the same.

Sure enough, I'm finding accounts with different values for CN and uid, multiple uids, no uids, etc.

My assumption is that this attribute is created during lum-enabling of the user account. But I'm curious. What happens during a routine rename of the account such as might occur during a rename by identity manager?

Also, is it safe for me to "cleanse" these non-conforming uid attributes? In other words, make them match the CN?

We are not currently using any lum-enabled access to the sles os itself like ftp, ssh, etc. However, we do use services like AFP Native File Access Protocol that are lum-dependent. Also I have noticed that cluster services will not load unless namcd is able to start so obviously a concern.