I have a setup of Zenworks that started off at 7.2 and then went through all of the patch upgrades until yesterday when I upgraded it to 7.3. All is working fine with the box as far as I can tell - haven't delved too deeply into the logs just yet!

One of the things about my setup is that it is on a reasonably old machine and I am running out of disk space. Now, within my Zenworks setup I have things going back to NLD9 and SLES9 (when were running them), SLES10/SLED10 SDKs, etc. that are no longer needed. As such I have been going through performing a "zlman bd" on the old bundles and removing them off of my system (some of which take hours and hours to do). All seems to be going well but the actual amount of disk space that is being freed up is negligible. I was hoping to recover several tens of gigabytes worth of space since I am no longer storing old packages, etc.

Is there some sort of purge/compact routine or something along those sorts of lines that can be used to recover this space? I am planning on putting SLES11 and SLED11 setups into the system and need the room!