Briefly, I'm running Netware 6.0/SB without BM installed. My plan is to
upgrade to 6.5 or 7 and get a full NW/BM/GW setup going at that time.

In the meantime, I'd like to replace my current ISP-supplied combination
DSL modem/router with something well-known and well-documented and,
since I'm thinking I'd like to learn more about Cisco and even maybe get
a Cisco cert under my belt at some point, I'd like to go with a Cisco
router - I'd appreciate recommendations of specific brands and models I
can buy through the usual channels.

I want to configure the router to both handle static IP and DHCP - I
have a small block of address from my ISP that I'm currently maxed out
on with no plans to change, and my current router hands them out via
DHCP. I'd like to statically route those to specific machines and use
10.x.x.x addresses for the rest. Once BW is installed, I will have it
handle the DHCP duties on a 192.168.x.x range. Craig Johnson has helped
me set up another network this way and it works great - if I need to
connect to the public side, I still get a DHCP-supplied address, it's
just from the router and not the Netware DHCP server.

My only concern is that I want to replace my current DSL modem and not
give up an IP address by putting my router on the inside of it - if I
understand that correctly and if this is possible. We have Covad/Sprint
ASDL, a small business "solution" they offer that works very nicely for
us here.

Many thanks in advance, and I'm happy to read anything anyone wants to
point me to.