I know this might not be the correct forum to post this thread, but
couldn't really find another forum.

My question is with regards to future release of BM beyond 3.8 and
SurfControl. Here are my questions:

1. Will BM eventually be ported to Linux and away from Netware?
2. Is BM a product that will continue to be developed or is there another
product that will combine BM features with Linux?
3. If BM does get ported to Linux, will SurfControl have a solution?
4. I know it's like nailing jello to the wall, but any speculative time
table for BM and future releases?

The reason why I am asking is my subscription for SurfControl is coming
up and I am not sure how long to renew it for.

Thanks in advance for any replies. My apologize if I have posted this in
the incorrect forum.