Hello all,

I am attempting to install a new BM 3.9 server to replace our old BM 3.7 server.

The idea was:

Install a new NW6.5 SP7 server with BM 3.9 configured - change all the IP addresses to match the old server hardware. Swap all the connections and voila, I am running BM 3.9 on NW 6.5 as opposed to BM 3.7 on NW 6.

Here is the fly in the ointment:

I used the NW6.5 SP7 overlay CD and it installs eDir 8.8 SP2 while the rest of my network is still running eDir

I guess I may need to remove the new Server from NDS and reinstall with the older overlay CD - guessing SP6 should be good. And keeping edir until I am ready to upgrade to eDir 8.8.

Other option is to install eDir 8.8 on all my servers except my BM servers until they are replaced (NW 6 does not appear to be supported on DS 8.8). It looks like I get several synch issues with different version of DS, so I do not believe the latter is an option. Is that correct?

I still need a R/W replica on a BM server, correct?

Also, if I need to rebuild this server with NW 6.5 SP6, what items need to be removed from eDir, since I already have the new server in the tree? I am assuming that just the server object and any associated volumes.

Thanks for any insight.

Steve D.