[3rd try]

I'm still continuing my quest to get streaming video and Windows Update to
work behind my BM 3.8 box.

First of all, the specs:

Novell NetWare 6.0 SP5
BorderManager 3.8 SP2a
running on a HP ProLiant DL360G3, 2 GB RAM
HP Support Pack 7.10a (newest drivers and such)
separate tree

streaming video (MMS) and Windows Update (on W2K/WXP boxes) does not work. I
have RTSP Proxy set to ON, Craig's proxy.cfg, read ahead disabled,
windowsupdate.microsoft.com in the cache exception list, cut thru no CLH
length=5120 setting in the PROXY.CFG, etcetera. I also followed TID
10069305, set my media player to proxy ip address:9090 (rtsp proxy is
running at that port), set buffering period to 30, yaddayadda. It still does
not work and I'm stumped.

I can't post CONFIG.TXT and PROXY.CFG here, the message just does not appear
on the newsserver if I do that.
You can mail me at aschepers [a t] roctwenteplus [d o t] nl

Anyone who can help me ?

Arjan Schepers