When trying to install Border Manager 3.8 on a NW 6.5 server (first SP1 then later SP2), I get the following error on the Startx screen:

A fatal error has occurred. This program will terminate. You may check sys:\ni\data\ni.log for more details after you dismiss this dialog. Tree not initialized yet.

I haven't been able to find anything relavent on Novell's web site (i'm already running JAVA, but did a google search and found one person with the same error - although installing something else. See: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=qu...ell.com&rnum=1

She mentions quickfix.nlm that will install a newer version of icewm.nlm and icelib.nlm. I have a test server that installs BM just fine but the production one won't. They are running the same version of those two files. Actually, I've compared all versions of DS, Java, and the ICE files and everything is the same with the exception of JNCPV2.NLM The one on the server that doesn't work is newer than the one that does.

Any ideas?