Hey all,

We are having a debate on something that doesn't work for me.

I have an adobe reader msi that I want to distribute. I create an MSI app object. the only things I do are.

1. Assign the app to users that do not have administrative rights to their computer
2. give the users read and file scan rights to the MSI app directory.
3. Change the app to run as secure system user.

So someone says that this app should just install, no problems. When my users run the app, they do not have access to the source and the app doesn't install.

So, what I do, is I create a regular app that bring the MSI down to the workstation temp directory, along with assigning the app to users, and change the app to run as secure system user. But instead of running \\server\app\adobe.msi the users are running msiexec /i "C:\app\adobe.msi" and this works.

My friend tells me that the first way works, and I can't make it work. Am I doing something wrong?


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