OK, i don't know how best to describe this as i am not a routing guru (i don't even think this problem takes a guru, i just can't figure it out). Background of the server:
SLES10 SP2/OES2 SP1 with 2 NIC's. 1 nic bound to edir and 1 nic bound to email system. In yast->routing, the default gateway is set and in expert configuration i have a route as follows:
dest= gw= mask of and the correct device id is selected. With this config some novell services stop working like ifolder. When i take the dest and make it, novell services start working but users get dropped connection errors in email client.
Here is how the network is setup:
isp->firewall/router->switch 1 which is 192.168.123 network (all "trusted" clients and resources are on that switch and 192.168.123's default gateway is 192.168.123.x)->switch 2 which is 192.168.124 network and all publicly accessed resources are on that switch. Its default gateway is 192.168.124.x. I don't agree with how the firewall/router is setup but it what we have=1 trusted (LAN) port and 1 WAN port. The trusted port is configured to have a secondary ip which is (which is the default gateway for all devices on 192.168.124 network. The DC sits on the "trusted" side and all other workstations. The web server sits on the "public" (secondary ip) side. This server has 1 nic that sits on the private side and 1 nic that sits on the public side (edir on the private and mail on the public). A traceroute from the client shows 2 hops which is what it should be. A traceroute from the server back to the client shows only 1 hop and that is straight to the ip of the client. This i believe is where the problem is, i just don't know how to fix it. How is the expert configuration suppose to be setup is this case?