Please excuse my inexperience with the Netware OS.

Through Loadstage 5 it lists the following:

In the Logger Screen I receive the following:
Admin Volume Startup: error logging the server in -634
Unable to verify _admin volume object in eDirectory.

*There has been no update/upgrade done to the server, which is what most users do to encounter this problem.
*I have double checked the network connectivity.
*I have also plugged these drives onto a different physical server (with the same hardware and config), no success.
*I have NOT down the "unattended repair" method just yet, should I?

Since this was just handed down to me I don't know much about the configurations for these servers or have any prior knowledge with Netware. I am ashamed to say that we are running 6.5 but I don't know what SP it is or if that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.