We're trying to use Bordermanager 3.8 as a vpn server. We've configured
a server with 2 network cards--one with an internal ip address and one
with a public address. We've set satic routes so that traffic is moving
correctly (we're also using this box for GroupWise web access, and that
is working properly). We're using the VPN client version 3.8.0
configured with certificate authentication. The client can connect to
the Bordermanager server, and is successfully authenticated, but when I
look at the transfer statistics, it shows that no traffic is being
encrypted. I can't ping anything on the internal network, although I am
allocated an ip address by the Bordermanager server. I don't see any
errors in the vpn monitor in NoRM. I'm not sure where to go next. Any
ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

Wade Grimes
IT Manager
ECR Software Corporation