I don't know what can be done about this . . . we have a mixed
environment (Windows 2003 servers + NW 5.1 SP8, soon to
migrate to NW 6.5 SP8) . . . depending on our Network Provider
Order: either the Microsoft Shares will have a long delay (after
the Shares sitting unaccessed, for awhile) or the NetWare
Drives will have a long delay (for the same reason).

I've tried adding to the XP Registry the "KeepConn" key and
setting the 2003 server's autodisconnect to a higher number
("ffffffff" or "1e0" has the same results) and I've checked
the NIC Power Management setting (to make sure the NIC
isn't powering down).

I've tried tweaking the NW Client's Advanced Settings,
disabling the UNC Filter, increasing the Max Read Burst
and Max Write Burst Size(s) to 65536 . . . turning off
Use DHCP for SLP (we have two static DAs configured),
I've limited my Protocol Preferences to NDS and SLP
and have IP only installed . . . Large Internet Packet Start
Size 1576 . . . (and maybe a few other settings...).

All things considered, if the Network Provider Order has
NetWare on top, the NetWare drives really zip . . . but
then our Windows 2003 Shares (after awhile) seem to
hang, when they're accessed. If the Order is changed,
then the NetWare Drives suffer.

Is there any way (short of going to one O/S) to facilitate
maintaining these connections better? [It seems, in part,
to be a Redirector problem . . . but we don't have this
problem, initially, after the desktop is fully loaded. It seems
to behave this way after sitting, for awhile, and depends
on the Provider Order on who gets affected.]