We are currently using ZEN2 strictly for DLU, policies and roaming profiles - we are not using any other aspects of ZEN (NAL, imaging, remotecontrol, etc.).
We installed ZFD3.2 but never migrated existing policies, etc., etc.
It seemed that the most logical migration path would be to get ZFD3.2 policies into the tree & associate containers/users to them & then proceed on to migrating to ZEN7 from there. However, when testing the 3.2 policies DLU works - allowing users to log on successfully but when it comes to roaming profiles it does not work properly - the profiles are not being created in the users' home directory (for new users) and not updating existing profiles.

While ZCM10 seems like a good solution, it is absolutely out of the question at this time.

We are already using ZEN7 in other areas & therefore it is the most logical path for the particular tree running ZEN2 not to mention a desire to have consistency.

So, the question is: Is it possible for us to go from ZEN2 to ZEN7 - could doing so break our existing ZEN2 environment?

If anyone has had any experience in this area, I'd appreciate any advice, insight or recommendations.