Windows 2003 SP2 (4 load shared) servers: svw-bne-xen-10,11,12,13
ZCM 10.1.3
GoGlobal Thin Client (NalWin)

Printer Polices assigned to a group as a user policy is not being assigned to the users on a consistent basis.

Device assigned policies are working.
User assigned applications are working
User assigned polices only work sometimes.

Current scenario
Logged onto ZENWorks Control Centre (on workstation). Check printer policy assignment for user ebelcher. Shows policy successfully deployed on svw-bne-xen-10. (I'm no longer logged onto this server). I'm logged into svw-bne-xen-12.
Logged onto console of svw-bne-xen-12 as ebelcher, Looking at the status of ZEN Adaptive agent. Device assigned policies are correct. No user policies display at all. Top right hand corner show's I'm logged into ZENWorks. No amount of refreshes helps.

Can anyone shine some light on this at all?