>I have a NW6.5 with overlay and sp2. I was having problems with Apache2
>loading. A CNE came over and spent the day with me and eventually found
>that BM3.8 was captureing port 442(not sure about the number) as a

>listening port. It wasn't being reported in the web management page for
>port assignments, so he thought maybe there was an error in the original
>Bordermanager install. We unitstalled BM and then re-installed iManager
>and loaded Apache and that fixed the apache problem.
>We then tried to reinstall BM3.8 After clicking on the "Yes" to accept
>the license agreement, we get a license error and a reference to see the
>ni.log for the cause. The log shows the following:
>Informational: In the root state of installing Novell BorderManager
>Fatal: null
>Fatal: java.lang.NullPointerException
> at
>com.novell.application.install.bordermanager.TCPI PVersionCheck.computeReq

> at
>com.novell.application.install.bordermanager.BMLi censeConfiguration.compu

> at
>com.novell.application.install.bordermanager.BMLi censeConfiguration.preSe

> at com.novell.application.install.InstallContainer.no deAnalyze
> at com.novell.application.install.Driver.doRootState
> at com.novell.application.install.Driver.mainHallway
> at com.novell.application.install.WizardFrame.service OnNext
> at com.novell.application.install.WizardFrame.run
> at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)
>Fatal errors 2
>Recoverable errors 0
>Unknown errors 0
>Warnings 0
>Informational messages 7
>Total logged messages 9
>Anyone have any idea what is really happening and how to get around it?
>It won't let me continue the install on this server and it is my