Last weekend after some testing we decided to move our primary
fileserver from a physical NW 6.5 sp 8 to a VMWare (ESX 3.5) OES 2.1 on
Linux. We had to retain the old servername and volumenames because of
some dependent applications. The nss pools was created in VMDK files.

The migration was pretty smooth with the miggui utility, but after a
couple of days end users started to complain about "slowlynes" when
accesing files on the nss volume.

A little reading gave me the idea to try the same setup but with a RAW
disk instead of VMDK.

I did some testing with RAW and came up with this result:
Old server: READ 23 MB/S
Old server: WRITE 24 MB/S
New server: READ 18 MB/S
New server: WRITE 8 MB/S
Test server: READ 27 MB/S
Test server: WRITE 23 MB/S

Is there a fix for this?

If not, what's the best way to move this data to a new RAW volume and
keep all attributes and trustees?