Well, I'm getting a little frustrated trying to find useful and up to date information about AV products for OES2LX in terms of what they support, how they work, how they update and how they cope with kernel updates....

Issues seem to be whether they cope with
a) nss (as in a volume mounted and shared using ncp) - kernel vfs..?
b) nss via afp/cifs - nss zAPI's and zlss kernel...?
(obviously any other linux fs (ext3, reiser, etc.))
c) 'scan on write' (capability and overhead - esp. large nss volumes)
d) Dynamic Storage Technology...
e) kernel patching... are they using 'Kernel Module Packages' or another mechanism that can cope with patching
f) management - solo or fit into enterprise

I'd be interested to know how far people have delved into these things and what they've found out... what the vendors say and what actually happens

There are a few 'it just works' posts, but does it really?!? Or is it because you haven't heard a peep from it?! i.e. does it detect a virus added to a cifs shared nss volume?
There are a few 'kernel support is out of date', 'it broke..' type posts, but mostly I'm seeing people asking for advice and not getting much...!
I have poked at people in Novell and will feed back what I can, but I am interested in the views from the trenches, so please share!

Many thanks