I am in the final stages of testing iPrint before I deploy it to my office an am having a problem with a single printer. When I sent a test page to a HP laserjet 1300N it was received by the printer as a garbled mess, (I'm in the process of checking the driver), but I can't find where the print job is being stored to delete it. The job does not appear on the computer that I printed the test page from, it is not in iPrint printer management, I have turned off the computer that I have sent the print job from, I have reset the printer several times, and the printer is still trying to print the garbled pages and has for the last 5 days. The only thing that makes the pages stop printing is stopping the Print Manager (and I've shutdown the driver store too). As soon as I turn them back on the printer starts printing garbled pages again. I have even deleted and recreated the printer object in iPrint. Where is this print job being held so I can delete it and get back to testing and troubleshooting the print driver?