I'm staring a migration in the face and I've looked around for some info. I thought I would get some suggestions/opinions here.

We have a server in our DMZ that runs GWIA, WebAccess, and a domain (the parent to both objects). WA has a third-part certificate for SSL.

This server is a critical server and needs to have as little downtime as possible. GWIA and the domain are more important than WA. I'd like to put it on SLES 10 (no OES).

So my questions are:
1) What file system should I use for SLES 10? My other SLES boxes use ext3. However, the biggest pain is the auto-fsck at reboot every 60 days. This seems to only be with ext3. With some of the disks that come on these servers, it can take up to 30 min to reboot it because of the fsck. Is reiserfs a good alternative? Does SLES 11 still utilize the auto-fsck like SLES 10?

2) How do I get the third-party SSL cert installed on the SLES box after it is moved to Linux? Do I have to export the cert to a file? If so, where do I put it so Apache can find it?

I did this on Netware, but (IIRC) Apache looked into eDir for the cert of the appropriate name and I didn't have to do any exporting. I would think this same functionality would not exist with SLES. Or perhaps it does.

Any comments or suggested readings would be much appreciated.