Good Afternoon,

I am having problems with a subnet. The first signs of a problem came on Friday when a wired subnet (connected to the network w/ cable) started picking up the Wireless subnet range ip addresses.

This should not happen in the first place due to the vlans setup in my Cisco switches ! I had the core router checked out and they tell me all is as it should be.

Anyway, after a few desperate days, I got DHCP working by deleting the Wireless subnet and pool. But now the issue is reversed. All computers, wired or wireless are getting wired IP Addresses.

When ever I try to recreate the wireless subnet and range etc., the only error I notice is that when the range is added, the "Subnet Type" does not change to LAN, it remains blank. I have tried the same operation in iManager and the Java Console.

When viewing the dhcp log, it tells me the wireless range can not be serviced due to no subnet, but it gives out the wired ip anyway.

When I have the wireless range loaded, the log shows it gets the requests, but then give a DHCPNAK.

The only thing I haven't tried is deleting the wired subnet, it seems the user don't like not having an ip address ... lol

Anyway, I also tried moving to a different server to service those ranges and it didn't help either.

Any ideas on what my be happening ?

Thank you,