This problems has been driving me crazy. I could really use some advice and or assistance.

I have a few computes that are having problems printing to color printers. ONLY COLOR.

If we install the color printer and try to print when logged into novell we will have a spooler subsystem app error after 1-2 prints. If we restart the computer and log in to "Workstation Only" it will print perfectly. If we uninstall Novell it will print perfectly. If we install Novell and log errors again. I've tried 4.91 SP5 and SP4. I've also tried uninstalling the NDPS from the network connections area of windows. We've also tried rolling back to Service pack 2.

All of the computers are running Windows XP SP3.They have Novell Client 4.91 SP4 or SP5. The printers are installed VIA IP not NDPS.

I'm happy to answer any more questions and try anything.

Please let me know.