I have a little problem with the Option 78 and a third-party Firewall DHCP.
All clients never receive a SLP IP address.

I have to use the HEX code in this DHCP server.

In option 1 "Code" I put in 78 and in the "Option" the Hex code
3137322e31372e33362e3630 for the IP address but the clients
don't receive this option.

I think the problem is this Mandatory byte!

As I read in the RFC2610, the SLP options have an extra flag in the option
field that is different than any other DHCP option. This flag is called the
Mandatory byte. No other DHCP options for simple address arrays follow this

The following example compares SLP options to DCHP options:
SLP options:
| Code = 78 | Length | Mandatory | a1 | a2 | a3 | a4 | ...

How do I have to add this extra Mandatory-byte in the DHCP options HEX

I tried to place a 1 in HEX 31 in front of the IP HEX code but without

Can somebody explain me the correct syntax for the option 78?