I was at the ATT conference a few weeks ago and a couple of people told me how easy it would be to setup imaging in our present environment which is Zenworks 6.5. I had abandoned our use because of space a few years ago. Back then I used a CD disk to a physical server. Well needless to say our environment has changed our servers are now all vmware guest/servers and our zenworks is on one quest and I installed the imaging server on another guest. I am at a lost as to how to make this work.

Here is where I am at.. so far. I updated the imaging server to sp2. I now get the great looking splash screen Suse and after pressing esc button I can see that the last statement is.. looking for Zenworks Config. I don't know where that is or where it is suppose to be located. I do get the Linuxrc v1.6 screen. Before updating the server my test station would get stop at loading USB. I thought updating the imaging server would help. I suspect that it is looking for drivers. I tried to research before sp2 update and was lost, now it seems after update it is a whole different way of doing things. I am still lost. Can someone HELP me and get me back on track. I have been working on this for about a week and have hit a wall and I don't want to give up on it again.