Using GW8 schema v1.02 ...

There is an inconsistent behavior apparently in the GW engine that manifests itself through the SOAP API:

If you put a Calendar Task in the TaskList (i.e. open the task and select the Actions | Show in TaskList menu), the Calendar Task "completed" property and TaskList item "completed" property for the item are only partly synchronized. (In GW7, they are fully synchronized - you can check/uncheck "completed" in either the CheckList, the Calendar, or the Task item itself, and the item "completed" status is the same in both the Calendar and CheckList.)

In GW8, if you check/uncheck "completed" from the Calendar, it synchronizes with the TaskList.

If you check "completed" in the TaskList, it synchronizes with the Calendar.

However, if you uncheck "completed" in the TaskList, the item still appears completed on the Calendar.

Calling "uncompleteRequest" on a Task item that is also on the TaskList apparently mimics this behavior - the item is unchecked in the TaskList, but not in the Calendar.

It feels like a bug... is it?