We're having some problems with our DNS and reverse lookups. I'm pretty
sure it's been hosed up for several years. We have our IN-ADDR set up, and
I just changed it so it's master DNS server is the same as the one for our
main domain zone. Our main DNS server is a NetWare 6.5sp7 box in a cluster,
the secondary DNS is a standalone NW 6.5sp7 server at a remote site.

On manually entered A records, things seem to be fine. It's the
workstations and printers that are not reliably providing revers lookup
info. I have a workstation that has a PTR record but no A record, for
example. There are also lots with A's but no PTR's.

I've renamed the etc/DNS folder and had it re-create from eDir with no luck.
Restarted DNS and DHCP serveral times.

Is there a util to run to true up the domain and in-addr zone files?

Also, how or when are the .jnl files added to their respective domain .db

Todd Bowman
Senior IS Professional
University of Minnesota Physicians