I am new to ZCM 10.1.3 and need to setup 10 new PC running Windows XP SP3 (all identical hardware). ZCM is on SLES10 SP1 server.

The DHCP server and ZCM Preboot Services are on 2 different servers so I should I don't need to change any existing DHCP setting.

I will have one PC setup with Windows XP with latest windows update, install all the applications that I need, install ZCM Agent and then take the image using the ZCM image bundle.

Do I need to run sysprep on this PC before I take the image. Also, for the other 9 PCs, I will enable PXE but since these are not setup as managed devices yet, how do I assign the image bundle to these 9 PCs?

Should the image only contains the OS and after the image is restored then I use application bundle to install the programs instead of including the applications in the image bundle? Are there pros and cons on doing either ways?

Thanks in advance for assistance.