Just moved the engine to another server then upgraded from NSM 2 SR3 to 2.5. The upgrade went perfectly. The engine server is up and running and there is an event server running on the same server. Both servers involved are 6.5 SP7, eDir is 8.8 SP2.

All of the Agent servers upgraded perfectly. I have removed and re-added the event servers. This worked fine. When I try to load nsmevent.nlm I get an error on the server:

NWDSEGetLocalAttrID failed for attribute cccFSFactoryActionTrigger. rc='-603'

As this wasn't working, I tried installing and loading the event servers on some oes2sp1 linux servers in the tree. They don't have local replicas so I configured ldap to point at my replica servers. The heartbeat failed and I would get ProcessHeartBeat: Failed to get monitored server from client request messages on the engine. Looking at the event server on the linux server I could see that it wasn't able to see the edir replica either.

I'm at a loss. I know I need to have 2 event servers at a minimum but can't get them to work.

Any help would be appreciated.