Hello all. I currently can not get CIFS share to appear in My network places.

Quick run down of the problem.
Open up My network places.
Open up windows network. Double click on the workgroup name.
I am able to see the server "server1-w" but when I double click on the server, the login dialog box does not come up. This is my only Netware-CIFS server, the other are Windows server, and the workstation works great with them.

Netware 6.5 SP8 server.
Universal password has been enabled.
SMB signing is on optional.
DFS support is disabled.
Authentication is local (eDir).
Users have full access to shares.
Tried running a trace per TID3815371 on LDAP and NMAS, but Trace history does not show anything other than admin login from iMonitor.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.