I've found a trend in Novell products: they are sometimes extremely
difficult to set up, but once they are correctly configured and working,
there is very little administration cost and they usually run without any
problems. BorderManager has been no exception to this rule.

Anyways, getting to my point, I am trying to set up an evaluation server
for BorderManager 3.8. I'm pretty sure I have all the software installed
correctly (followed procedures to the t), but now I am getting the
following error when trying to proxy through...
Status : 403 Forbidden, Description : Organizational policies prohibit
access to this page.

In the installation procedures I am at the point where you create a login
policy using Netware Administrator (? That's what the procedures say).
Well, I got lost on step 3, to configure a login policy rule, click Rules,
then click Add. I have no idea what that means, in our environment the
login policy already existed and I can not view the details through
Netware Administrator. I use ConsoleOne and I can see the login policy
properties, but nothing that says rules. Totally lost! I'm sure this is
the problem with the aforementioned error.

Not an impressive evaluation so far. Kind of wondering why the
BorderManager installation program hasn't taken care of the login policy
stuff for me. Oh well, once I get it configured I'm sure we'll be very
impressed as we always are with Novell.

Ryan McAtee