We have two offices. I am trying to insure that if the main office is
down for any reason, that the remote office can continue to operate.
This past winter we had an extended power outage due to an ice storm.
This caused issues for the remote office. The remote office has its
own OU and is partitioned. But my ZEN policies (and apps and
workstations) are in an OU just off the Org. Some of the issues at
the remote office were difficulties getting logged in and slowness
afterwards. Is there anything I need to do to make sure that policies
are accessible at the remote office even when the main office is down?
Or is that information already there by default? If it is already
replicated, maybe I just need to see if there is something in my
policies that is tied to a server at my main office (such as preferred
server). Thanks!

Ken Etter

Novell....it does a server good!