Our iFolder quit communicating earlier in the week and, after exhaustive searching and trial and error, I have not been able to figure out why. When I attempt to log-in the Admin screen I keep getting "You're Previous Login Failed!" and I cannot access the admin functions. Clients get "connection with server broken". Is there something in NW65SP8 that breaks iFolder? That's really the only change in the last couple of weeks.

I've re-installed iFolder in the past and thought it might be simpler to do that again this time, however, I'm getting an error that iFolder 2.1 needs Apache 1.x.x to run and the install/repair quits.

I have had teachers complain over the past month or so of not being able to access their home directory via NetStorage, but only teachers from our junior high faculty group. Was this potentially the beginning of the problem?

I have the client directory separate from the regular iFolder directory and backed-up. Any suggestions and or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!