We run a BM3.8 server and have users with college provided PCs with Novell
clients on and client trust key. These users have no problems connecting to
the internet.

What we are also starting to have is an increasing number of users with
their own PCs without the Novell client and we are connecting them through
various means to our network. We want to give them access to the internet
through our BM box but don't want them to have to install the Novell
client. They will all have NDS accounts.

We have set the SSO time to wait to 1 second but are still seeing more like
7 to 10 seconds typically before the BM SSL challenge appears. Now during
this time we see a lot of port 3024 requests, which from our understanding
is the BM server looking for a client trust key - way longer than 1 second.

Basically is there anyway of disabling SSO for a specific interface so we
can just use SSL for the port bringing this traffic type in or how can we
speed this up as its getting the system negative comments.