Hello again,

I have just got a new BorderManager 3.8 server up and running on a HP
DL360. I have two onboard NIC ports and two additional ports on a PCI-X
card, and I have three in use ... onboard 1 connects to the public ISP,
onboard 2 connects to the LAN with our present /16, and PCI
NIC 1 is the primary IP address on a /16 which we will be
moving to soon. NIC PCI 2 is not in use ...

Every time I load inetcfg and import settings, the onboard NIC 1 loses
all connectivity and won't work. I then have to edit the autoexec.ncf to
get the manual settings back, restart, and then the NIC works again. I
spent about 2 hours on the phone with HP thinking it was a hardware
problem, and this is what I ended up with.

Any suggestions on how to get inetcfg to inport correctly?

Thnak you, Tony