GW8hp1 client (8.0.0 1/27/09, build 85855) running on WindowsXPsp3.
Client installed fine and was great for 2 weeks, then address book
disappeared from the list and the only place addressbook is visible is
in the toolbar. Clicking the link in the toolbar I can navigate down
and see the system addressbook and frequent contacts book, both of
which are still populated. I just can't get the addressbook to
display in the list bar. I have uninstalled GWclient and MS
Messenger, rebooted, and re-installed GWclient as was recommended in
an earlier thread but no joy--addressbook can still be reached only by
drillilng down through the toolbar. Also, at about the time this all
started I noticed that synching contacts to my Blackberry via the BB
dekstop software quit working--even after setting preferences to do
one-way synch from BB to GroupWise. It would add all the contacts,
then delete them.