My original post on this was all twisted around. I could barely find my last post, so I started a new thread.

Iíve done some reading on this and plan to do some work over the weekend. Iíve looked into the suggested migration wizard as well.

In the end, Iíd like to have a RAID1 (simple mirror) on my main server. Iíd like to periodically (say every 2 years or so) swap in two new drives. I can easily do this by mirroring in the new drives. Iíd like to use one of the drives taken out of the main server as a bootable backup server that I store off site. That backup server would only need to have the current data loaded before being ready to roll. I have a very methodical backup routine for the data. This worked for 10 years with NW 4 and 5, but is not so easy with NW 6.5.

I should have had that system now with my NW 6.5, but my backup server doesnít boot the drive - although it once did. The backup server had some issues with odd shutdowns, so Iím not too concerned with just using the new hardware I bought.

Where I am now is I have an old NW drive that does boot in the main server, but not with the new hardware - so I know the drive is operational. The only issue seems to be the inability to load the storage drivers. The IDE drivers loaded are dated 2005. The IDE drivers in SP8 are dated 2007.

My preference would be to just get the storage drivers to load. I was going to try to just copy over the 2007 drivers without a full SP8 upgrade. Since I canít even boot to SYS, and the SP8 files are huge, Iíd rather push off the SP8 update. I did try deleting the ďregistryĒ files as suggested , then running the hardware detect NLM, but it wonít load the storage drivers.

If that doesnít work, I was going to try to do the SP8 update and see if that works.

If that doesnít work, I was considering buying a PCI IDE/SATA controller that has a current NW driver available. Iím not really sure how to do that procedure though.

If that doesnít work, I was going to scrap the whole idea of saving the backup drive and do a clean install of SP8 from the disks. I was not going to bother with the migration idea, because that looked like more work than just remaking my basic tree, then users, then restoring the data. I had some trouble with the syntax of some of the commands originally, but I think I can figure it out from my notes.

When I reviewed the migration wizard notes, it looks like its possible to backup and restore my user accounts and group rights. Is this a reliable system? Any details?

Also, if I read the migration notes correctly, if my main server died right now, Iíd be totally in trouble since the migration relies on having the old server running. Iíd be right where I am now trying to get a backup drive to run on a new set of hardware, or a total rebuild. It seems like Iím missing something.

Any guidance would be appreciated.