We have a client that is currently running an upgraded to NW5.1 server
with BM 3.0. They have a better machine (still old) that they would
like to install NW 5.1 and BM 3.0. BM will only be used as a cache
server no Proxy. We have installed NW 5.1, but when we try to install
BM 3.0, on the console screen we see java load and then exit with a
status of 1. So it appears that something with the version of java they
are running won't allow BM 3.0 to install

both servers are currently running NW 5.1 SP 7. The only difference we
see is that the original server was upgraded from NW 5.0 to 5.1, where
the newer server was installed from scratch with NW 5.1 and then patched
it to SP 7

Any ideas would be appreciated, although I am trying to convince them
that they need to upgrade 8(