Hello all....

For the third or fourth time since I upgraded from GW 7.02 to GW 8.0 HP1, my
e-mail server rebooted.

The server is NW 6.5 SP7.

The last time this happened there was nothing in the NW 6.5 error log. This
time, some of it got into the error log....

4-03-2009 4:15:08 pm: SERVER-5.70-2187

Removed address space because of memory protection violation
Address Space: GWDCAW.AOS_PO2
Reason: Page Fault, Attempt to read from non-present page
Running Thread: gwdca2-wrkr
EIP: 0xF53551A9 (USERLIB.NLM + 0x21A9)
Access Loca

That's all that was in the error log.

Any ideas??


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Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa