We are switching ISP's and this has presented a headache. We haven't changed anything yet. I'm trying to setup duplicate 'everything' for a smooth transistion.

Currently there are 5 machines with DNS entries that are statically natted and working fine.

I have installed a second public adapter (public2) and have created all the duplicate filter exceptions. This is a completely new IP network.
I have added 2nd IP addresses to the 5 machines (for static nat purposes on the new board). I have built the nat tables.

I can ping the main public2 address as well as all the secondaries. No services that are natted and filtered will work (ie.. web server, ftp server). They still work fine on the first public adapter though.

It seems that all routes are good, and DNS resolution over the new ISP is good.

All the addresses have been setup in nwadmin. The new adapter has been chosen as a 'public' adapter.

I'm running out of ideas and hoped someone might have done this before.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Bush, CNE '92