Imaging server -
NW 6.0 SP5
ZfD 4.01 IRa

Firewall -
NW 6.5 SP2
BM 3.8 SP2

Multicast imaging through BM 3.8 firewall fails.
No clients assigns to multicast sessions.

A multicast session works ok when clients reside on the same LAN
as the imaging server.
When clients reside on the other side of the fw, they do not assign
to any sessions, no matter if the session is created manually or in NDS.

No entries are seen in the BM deny-logs, and multicast fails even with
IPLFLT.NLM unloaded on the BM.

The BM has BootP forwarding set up for 2 standard DNS servers,
plus the imaging server itself for PDHCP.
All DHCP and PDHCP works ok during PXE-boot on all LAN segments,
so that is not the problem.

Both PIM.NLM and TFTP.NLM are also tried running in the BM,
without success.
The ZfD imaging server has the BM as default route.

Besides the IP-helpers (BootP as described above), what settings
are needed in the BM for forwarding/routing multicast imaging?

Or are there other issues to consider here?

(This is also posted in the ZfD Imaging forum)