Hello everybody,

I'm having major troubles, currently I'm getting spammed by aol addresses
in the form of Undeliverable Gateway messages that come to me as I am the

I really am not sure what to do here? Its getting bad!

I believe that this problem is occurring because a few weeks ago I had
attempted to install some bordermanager snap ins for NWADMIN32 so that I
could set up a VPN and I wasn't quite sure if I choose the right setup
executable and never did get them installed.

I fear that my attempt at an installation may have altered the previously
configured Bordermanager and thats why I am now getting spammed as I have
never been spammed before. Thats why I decided to post here in the
setup/installtion forum.

What can I do??

When I load up NWADMIN32, I see the BorderManager 3.5 Logging and
Monitoring Utility starts up as well, however when I check both Server
objects it says that BorderManager is not installed. On the Groupwise
object under details I see a BorderManager Alert and BorderManager Access
Rules tabs.

Is it possible to block the spammer from here? How do I find out the
spammers IP address?

This seems like a big ramble but I'm not really sure what to do?

Any push in the right direction would be invaluable at this point.