We may have a tenant move into part of our main office building. We
have a large production plotter that we want to share with them. I
want to open port 515 for LPR from their LAN to my NW server.

Current situation:

Main office with BMgr 3.7 server
Secondary office with BMgr 3.7 server

BMgr Site-to-Site VPN between the offices.
Both servers providing proxy and caching services.

Each server has a private NIC connected to the LAN and a public NIC
connected to a T1.

Would it be possible to put a third NIC in the Main Office BMgr
server, connect it to the tenants LAN, and just open port 515 for that
NIC in to my NW server hosting NDPS? Or is there a better way to do
this? Thanks for the help.

Ken Etter