My organizations have BM3.5 with 20 user licenses. We are planning to upgrade to BM3.8 and purchase 20 upgrade-licenses per user and additional 30 licenses to have 50 users licensed to use proxy-connections and RADIUS-connections. Currently we are not using VPN and do not plan to use it in nearest future.

Please, anyone help:

1. Is there all correct above?
2. Does 50 user licenses mean, for example 50 proxy-connections at a time, and when some user stops to use proxy, the different one can use it instead? Does when "user #50" gone a delay exist before "license #50" can be used by someone else?
3. 50 user licenses means that there could be 50 proxy-connections and 50-RADIUS connections at a time, or for example only 30-proxy + 20-RADIUS?
4. If some user starts several connections through proxies - how many licenses applies? I think one (per user), but not sure. Am I right that only one license applies?

Thank you for any advices,
best wishes