I haven't heard of this before and couldn't find any useful references
in Google Groups.

I have full http access to the web without difficulty. But as of
mid-day, I lost the ability to access the smpt and pop3 servers we
need for e-mail (and regular newsgroup access - this message is posted
via Google), I cannot ping beyond the internal BM nic, I cannot
TRACERT, and telnet and ftp are also dead. The errors for telnet and
e-mail are basically "failed to connect" due to timeout errors
(reported in about a minute).

The behavior is the same both with filters loaded or unloaded. My
e-mail host assures me there isn't any problem with their e-mail
server (which I believe since I cannot work ftp transfers to our other
vendors either), and my ISP assures me everything is working fine on
the router and DSLAM. I've cycled the power on the router as well as
restarted BMgr. No luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?