recently we installed sp7 (netware 6.5).
I found that imanager 2.7 was not installed. We were still on 2.02. I manualy uninstalled iManager 2.02 and installed iManager 2.6.
After that, I ran the overlay CD of sp7 and I was able to install iManager 2.7 and Tomcat 5. I update to version 2.7.2 and added the latest iprint plugin.
Tomcat 4 is disabled at this moment and tomcat 5 is running.

I cannot add a diver to the broker with imanager 2.7.2. I can see the drivers which have been installed with version 2.02, but I cannot add a new driver from a "file" or from the "system". I get an error like "&#@%".
Can someone help me?

kind regards,
E. Bennink