Just relating my experience in case it helps someone else upgrading to BMSP3
followed by the field patch bm37fp4c. This is on Netware 6.0SP5:

1. Had to backrev aclcheck.nlm and proxy.nlm to the versions from SP2 to
stop a 403 error that occurred when trying to access some web sites.

2. Had to go back to the IPFLT31.NLM from SP3 instead of using the one from
the field patch. This cured a slow browsing problem. (Thanks to Craig
Johnson's web site for alerting me to this one.)

3. Also found the Craig's proxy.cfg file cured problems with trying to view
some web sites, and with unloading proxy.

Anyone know if Novell are releasing another field patch or service pack to
cure these problems? - it just seems rather untidy at the moment.